Ober-Paulsdorf / Upper-Paulsdorf
Friedrich Wilhelm Konstantin von Pannwitz (1816 – 1886) bought in the year 1863 the estate Ober-Paulsdorf in the district of Rosenberg in Upper-Silesia. The estate covered an area of 702 ha to which a watermill, brick works and some peat exploration belonged.
In the following years he ordered to erect a palace that has survived all the turmoil’s of the following wars until today.
Friedrich Wilhelm von Pannwitz will probably have come latest than 1853 from the Lower Lusatia to Silesia because his eldest son Wilhelm August B. (1854 – 1931), was born already a year later on the Bürgsdorf estate in the neighbourhood of Upper- Paulsdorf which his father had leased along with Botzanowitz.
Bürgsdorf (283 ha) was owned by the state, whereas Botzanowitz, (1255 ha) with the Wichrau branch (457 ha) belonged to the Prussian crown in form of a trust and was therefore indivisible and inalienable.  
Friedrich Wilhelm von Pannwitz was married to the Countess Elisabeth (Else) von Monts de Mazin (1833 - 1877), the daughter of Count August von Monts and Pauline von Eisenhardt (adH Kolkwitz).
The wedding took place 1853 in Jeroltschütz in the neighborhood of Paulsdorf, on her father's estate. Count August von Monts was a retired army captain, senior state official and councilor of the Rosenberg district.
Friedrich Wilhelm von Pannwitz was born on on 28.04.1816 in Wormlage, Calau district in Lower- Lusatia, as the second son of Johann Otto Wilhelm von Pannwitz and his wife, the Baroness Adele von Lüttwitz.
He had fifteen brothers and sisters, of which the two last-born sons went as Prussian Lieutenants in 1861 to America to fight in the American Civil War on the side of the Northern states.
His older brother Theodor v. P. inherited the family seat Wormlage and Friedrich Wilhelm settled in Silesia , where his descendants would live until the end of World War II forming today the last still blooming branch of the Pannwitz family.
Since the 13th Century members of the Pannwitz family have been detectable in Silesia and Lusatia.
In Silesia such well known places as the famous place of pilgrimage Albendorf (Warmbierzyce) dates back on a foundation of the family.
Friedrich Wilhelm von Pannwitz was an ex Royal Prussian lieutenant and councillor , representing the village in the district and province. In 1882 he sold Ober-Paulsdorf to Mrs. Luise Meyer who inherited the estate further to the retired Cavalry-Captain Ludwig Meyer.
At about 1905 Ober-Paulsdorf must have been sold to the Prussian state domain administration, although Ludwig Meyer was leasing the farm further latest up to 1920.
The estate Ober-Paulsdorf was 1933 finally divided in portions and handed over to small farmers. Today, 150 years after its construction, the Paulsdorf palace is owned by the Polish family Godyla who rebuilt it after a total renovation to a modern and luxurious hotel that still retains the charm of earlier times.